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Do you accept RAW files?

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Typically, we do not accept RAW files. Instead we would prefer to help you find your way in converting and editing these files. If you’re capturing in the RAW format, RAW files do not have a colour profile listed, this is applied during the converting of the RAW files to JPEG or TIF. For work to be submitted to Streets Imaging, we recommend either sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998. It is critical that your files are tagged with the correct profile otherwise unpredictable results will occur.

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Do I need the printer profile from the lab?

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No, use sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998 as your working profile Some labs may say that they will give you the profile that applies to their printer. This is fine if they only have one printer and do not ever intend to use any other method of output. Streets Imaging use a variety of devices and materials to output your images and each device/material combination has its own unique profile. Why this works for you: You do not need to think about which printer we might use. We do the hard work of converting the profiles of your images for you. Our software works out what output device is to be used and converts to that profile before printing. It never forgets and it always selects the correct one. When we add new equipment or paper types are updated the new profiles will automatically be applied to your images when necessary. Without this you would need to convert files for Canvas prints, then again Lustre up to 12”, then again for Metallic up to 12”, then again for Lustre 20 and 30” wide, then again for Metallic up to 30” wide and so on and so on. [...]

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Can I email you photos to print?

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We have a range of online ordering methods that help automate our workflow and our staff are more than happy to help you use them. If you would like to send your orders by email or a large file transfer service you can however, a $15 service fee will be charged.

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