Yes! Streets Imaging provides a 40% off Studio Sample Discount* to enable you to show your clients what the product you are trying to sell them looks like. We know that having a physical product rather than digital images of the product gives you a significantly better chance of selling that product, which suits us just fine also. We also understand the larger the sample the larger the size you are likely to sell them (often it is the size down from the sample you show them). And so the Studio Sample Discount is also to incentivise you to display our products in your showroom or at your client presentations.

The discount is only used for this purpose though. For example, the discount is not for studios to decorate their walls or fit out their reception. For this reason, we have the following guidelines:

  • The studio logo must be prominently positioned on the image.
  • One size per product is eligible for the studio sample discount*
  • One image per product is eligible for the studio sample discount*
  • The discount is refunded after the order is placed and approved by the staff.

What is eligible for a Studio Sample Discount and what is not eligible remains solely at the final discretion of Streets imaging. We understand that your success is our success so please contact us to discuss your requirements if they fall outside of these guidelines.

Please note; Studio samples are NOT processed with standard turnaround times. Please check when placing the sample order for an updated turnaround time. Any studio sample orders placed in December may not be received until mid-January.

*Discount excludes presentation products and easels. 20% off for acrylic and aluminium prints. Studios with multiple locations may have one size and image per location but these pieces need to be sent to those locations directly from Streets.