Stylish, modern yet natural – our so, so lovely framed canvas selection is now available to order in the Streets Online Ordering Software with the click of a button.

Our framing department and design team have collaborated to bring you an updated range of framed canvas prints along with a selection of float framed canvas prints. All of these give a fresh, finished look to our professional canvas product.

Select ‘Canvas Prints’ in our software and you will be met with a wide range of new framing options. Drag your image in as usual, then you can select from the floating framed canvas or framed canvas print options – so nice and easy!

Framed canvas prints are affordable and look so good! Our canvas prints are mounted onto 3mm custom wood and framed with this gorgeous selection of mouldings. Each moulding has a 2 inch frame depth. This gives a premium look to your canvas and has enough strength to allow you to select a much larger print size. This option is the perfect way to frame a print if you desire a matte and non-reflective finish. Unlike other framed matte print finishes that are left exposed – our canvas is coated with a satin UV protective coating, which protects the surface and makes it super easy to clean!

Floating frames are a luxurious finish for a canvas print. They give the finished artwork additional depth and the added choice of finish allows you to tie the piece into the design of the room perfectly. With our high quality craftsmanship your exhibition wrapped canvas print is mounted 5mm from the frame’s edge so the wrap remains visible. This is a beautiful, modern and premium quality addition to the traditional canvas print.

These prints only need to be seen and they will sell themselves. Talk to one of our staff about ordering a sample for your studio and we’ll give you 40% OFF!