What are the most important things to get right before shooting?


Although the latest digital cameras are becoming very sophisticated with regards to handling difficult exposure situations and can seem to adjust to different subject lighting conditions, for optimal results it is best to set the white balance and exposure correctly. This will produce a much higher yield of “first run” prints and save considerable time in front of a computer screen trying to correct images. It must be remembered that detail that is not captured correctly is very difficult if not impossible to restore.

White Balance

For best results with your digital camera, it is important to set your camera correctly. Where possible, you should set the white balance correctly using “Custom White Balance” if it is available on your camera. Consult your camera manual for directions on how to set this up. Custom White Balance will reduce the amount of correction that has to be done to your final image if it is done each time you change location or subject lighting sources.



For those who have experience with transparency film exposure, digital cameras should be treated in the same way. Accurate exposure is critical with digital cameras as they have a much more limited dynamic range than colour negative film. ie the exposure latitude is about +- half a stop with the digital camera (depending on the camera) compared with about +- 1.5 stops with a 400ISO negative film.


Colour Profile

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