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Do you accept RAW files?

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Typically, we do not accept RAW files. Instead we would prefer to help you find your way in converting and editing these files. If you’re capturing in the RAW format, RAW files do not have a colour profile listed, this is applied during the converting of the RAW files to JPEG or TIF. For work to be submitted to Streets Imaging, we recommend either sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998. It is critical that your files are tagged with the correct profile otherwise unpredictable results will occur.

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Can I email you photos to print?

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We have a range of online ordering methods that help automate our workflow and our staff are more than happy to help you use them. If you would like to send your orders by email or a large file transfer service you can however, a $15 service fee will be charged.

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When I click ‘Add Images’ all the photos in my folder are greyed out…

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When you click ‘Add Images’ SOOS wants you to choose the folder containing your images – not the individual files. Navigate to the folder containing your photos, highlight the folder and then click ‘Open’ this will import all of the images from that folder into the ordering window. Only .jpegs and some configurations of .tiff and .png files can be imported.

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I have not received my confirmation email…

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If you do not receive your second order confirmation email, please check the following before contacting us: Check that your credit card payment has been approved in the payment confirmation email. Make sure the Streets Online Ordering Software was not shut down prior to the upload being complete. If you are ordering images from an external device like a USB or CD, make sure these are not removed until the upload is complete (or change file locations or filenames during the ordering process). Click “Show Order” next to the upload to confirm your email address was entered correctly. If you are concerned your order has not been received, please contact us to discuss further.

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