How to Color Match Your ColorEdge Monitor and Photo Prints

For optimum results, it is recommended to use a high quality LED or LCD monitor. (A monitor with ability to control individual colours will give better results). It is important to purchase a high quality screen that has individual colour controls for calibration and profiling (please take care when selecting the screen as some models do not have the ability to select custom RGB controls meaning that calibration using a calibration device can be difficult).

We use Eizo LCD screens which can be calibrated and profiled to match our output closely. Laptop screens are not recommended for critical colour judgement because of the differences observed in the image at different viewing angles.

It is important to set up your monitor correctly. Streets Imaging recommend that if you are doing professional digital work that you invest in a monitor calibration device and calibrate your monitor regularly, as often as every 6 months. If you are receiving most of your income from photography, consider a calibration device as one of your “tools of trade”. We recommend and stock the X-rite i1 Display Pro, which can be purchased through our online ordering software.