User Guide

Can someone please show me how to use the software?

How do I know my order has been successful?

  • You will get two confirmation emails. The first will be regarding your payment transaction from eWay. If it is approved your order will then upload and you should then receive a Streets Imaging Services confirmation email. If you do not receive a Streets confirmation email please check the following:
  • Your payment was approved.
  • The Streets Online Ordering Software was not shutdown prior to the upload being complete (if so re-open and the upload should resume).
  • The image files you were ordering have not changed location or file name since being uploaded into the software.
  • The email you entered on your order was correct or the confirmation emails have not gone to your junk folder.
Having trouble downloading our Streets Online Ordering Software?

Click here for troubleshooting

What are your file requirements?

  • All images should be uploaded print ready. Ideally sized to the print size you are ordering at 300 pixels per inch saved as an 8 bit JPEG (baseline compression) or a TIFF (with no layers) with Adobe1998 or sRGB colour profiles applied. If you images do not meet these requirements your order will likely be delayed or fail and you will be asked to resubmit your order.
  • Filenames should contain only alphanumeric characters and be no longer than 31 characters. If file names are longer or contain special characters like &%?/ etc. your order is likely to fail.

For more information on profiles, viewing conditions, monitor calibration and more please have a look at our FAQ page.

How do I order a custom size image?

Custom size images need to be ordered on the next size up template. The image should be sized to the exact size you are after and then the canvas size of the image increased to that print size. This should be done prior to importing into the Streets Online Ordering Software. If you require the print to be trimmed please mention this in the ‘Notes to lab’ – charges may apply.

Click here to watch a video on increasing canvas size in Photoshop (

Do I need to set up an account?

No, we will set up an account for you if you have had or need custom templates made.