12mm Lustre Wraps

A fantastic and cost-effective way to present your prints. Your true photographic lustre print is laminated with high-quality sand textured laminate leaving your print protected and easy to clean. Then wrapped just like a canvas around our 12mm custom wood and supplied ready to hang. This mounting technique gives your image modern appeal. 12mm Lustre Wraps are a great option for small to large format prints because they are modern, simple and don’t require framing.

12mm Pearl Wraps

Pearl Wraps are a Streets Imaging innovation and more and more people are falling in love with them. They are ultra-modern and stylish and become the centre point of every room. A metallic print with sand textured laminates gives the pearl effect. We then wrap it around our 12mm custom wood, like a sleek canvas. Simple and elegant they give every image a new feel. There is an other-worldly feel to Metallic paper and the Pearl effect is something new again.