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Wide Format Printing

Inkjet Kodak Professional Lustre

Kodak’s Professional Inkjet Lustre is the ideal choice for extra large format printing. This is our default stock for prints ordered over 30″ in width and up to 44″ by as long as you can imagine to print!

This is a 255gsm resin-coated stock which is fast drying and has a wide colour gamut and deep blacks. This finish is almost identical to our Kodak Professional Endura Lustre.

Rag Photographique  (Order under Fine Art Prints tab)

Canson Rag Photographique prints have a completely smooth matte finish which is perfect for fine art printing and art reproductions. If you are a vector illustrator or graphic designer and want to sell print reproductions of your work – this is the finish for you.

Edition Etching (Order under Fine Art Prints tab)

Canson Edition Etching is an superb choice for fine art photographs – especially portraits and black and white images. Its slight texture gives each print an extra level of detail and has a truly unique and luxurious feel.

Aquarelle Rag (Order under Fine Art Prints tab)

Canson Aquarelle Rag is a thick rich stock with a watercolour paper textured surface. Its rougher finish is an excellent choice for fine art pieces or artwork reproductions.

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Large Format Prints

Up to 2 business days in lab.

Should you require products quicker than the standard turnaround (for example Metallic completed the same day), you may pay a 50% extra for priority service (call the lab for Rush Order service times. Please note these may vary).