Canvas Prints

Stretcher Bars – Canvas Thickness

Canvas prints are offered in three different stretcher bars:

  • Slim Wrap (18mm thick)
  • Gallery Wrap (28mm thick)
  • Exhibition Wrap (38mm thick).
We can also supply you your canvas as ‘Print Only’ which means it will come rolled in a tube and not stretched.

Canvas Edge Effects

We offer multiple options for edge effects on canvas because sometimes you don’t want to loose any of your image from the face of the canvas.

Image Wrap –  This is the traditional default method where the canvas is printed 1-2 inches per side larger than the face of the canvas so the image wraps around the edges.

Mirror Border – A mirror border is where the inside perimeter of the image is copied and mirrored onto an extra 1-2 inch border so this wraps around the canvas edge giving the image continuity without loosing any important information from the face. *This wrap is not ideal for images with body parts close to the edge of the print.

Colour Border – A colour border lets you select a specific colour (or we can pick one for you) to add to the edges of your canvas. This will not be seen on the face of the canvas, just the sides.

Framed Canvas Prints 

The perfect way to finish off a canvas print! We mount the canvas to 3mm MDF and frame it to the edge. We have a selection of frames available to order within the Streets Online Ordering Software making them really easy to order. The perfect choice with an earthy flair if you want a canvas print but don’t have enough room on your image for a wrap around and prefer not to use the other wrap options. This is also the perfect way to frame a print if you desire a matte and non reflective finish. Not only that, but unlike other framed matte print finishes that are left exposed – our canvas is coated with a satin UV protective coating which protects the surface and makes it super easy to clean!

Float Framed Canvas Prints 

Floating frames are a luxurious finish for a canvas print. They give the finished artwork additional depth and the added choice of finish allows you to tie the piece into the design of the room perfectly. With our high quality craftsmanship your exhibition wrapped canvas print is mounted 5mm from the frames edge so the wrap remains visible. This is a beautiful, modern and premium quality addition to the traditional canvas print.

Download our price list or you can view all of our product prices within the Streets Online Ordering Software (SOOS) here.

Framed Canvas prices are currently only available to view in the  SOOS.

Face Size – Inches Canvas Only Slim Gallery Exhibition
Canvas 8×12 $22.00 $51.00 $56.00 $58.00
Canvas 12×18 $36.00 $75.00 $82.50 $85.00
Canvas 13×20 $47.00 $85.00 $93.50 $96.00
Canvas 16×20 $55.00 $95.00 $104.50 $107.00
Canvas 16×24 $65.00 $110.00 $121.00 $125.00
Canvas 20×24 $78.00 $130.00 $143.00 $147.00
Canvas 20×30 $90.00 $150.00 $165.00 $169.00
Canvas 30×40 $165.00 $198.00 $218.00 $223.00
Canvas 32×48 $205.00 $230.00 $253.00 $259.00
Canvas 40×50 $255.00 $275.00 $303.00 $309.00
Canvas 40×60 $315.00 $350.00 $385.00 $395.00
Panoramic Sizes Canvas Only Slim Gallery Exhibition
Canvas 20″ x longer than 30″ $90.00 + $150.00 + $165.00 + $169.00 +
$3.00/in $5.50/in $6.00/in $6.50/in
Canvas 32″x longer than 48″ $205.00 + $230.00 + $253.00 + $259.00 +
$4.50/in $6.00/in $6.50/in $7.00/in
Canvas 40″ x longer than 60″ $315.00 + $350.00 + $385.00 + $395.00 +
$6.00/in $8.00/in $8.75/in $9.50/in

Please note: Our daily cut off for orders is 10am.

Canvas Prints – Print Only & Stretched

5 business days

Canvas Prints – Framed

10 business days

Should you require products quicker than the standard turnaround (for example Metallic completed the same day), you may pay a 50% extra for priority service (call the lab for Rush Order service times. Please note these may vary).