Canvas Mounting on Stretcher Frames

Street's Imaging Services have three types of stretcher frames or as a canvas only print. Thicknesses of the stretcher bars are shown above. Mostly the choice comes down to personal preference although the Exhibition wrap is recommended for canvases larger than 20x30" and there are price difference between them.

Canvas frames

How to supply

Canvases are best ordered through our Online Ordering system (SOOS). More detailed information can be found here on how to supply your files.

You need to supply us with an image sized to the face size plus four inches to the height and width at 300dpi. For example a 20x30" canvas would be sized to 24x34". Alternatively, you can drag your image straight into the Online ordering software (SOOS). There are guides on each template that will give you an idea of where the sides of the canvas with be wrapped around. There are many sizes to choose from, however if you cannot find the particular size you are after use the "custom size" tab. Here you can specify the face size. In this case it is best to have your image sized correctly, as outlined above.


Mounting on Board

Street's Imaging Services has facilities to mount, laminate and provide various protective coatings to your images. You can choose from 3mm custom wood, 12mm custom wood, 5mm foam core and 20mm foam core.

Mounting on 3mm Custom Wood

Street's recommend and use 3 mm Customwood (MDF) boards for mounting. This board has a white laminate on the reverse which provides dimensional stability in conditions where the mount is subject to variations in humidity. (It is recommended that prints be hung where the conditions are stable and away from sources of high levels of ultra violet light.) The use of this board also provides a professional look to the prints when they are framed reducing the need to comletely cover the rear of the mounted print.

When framing laminated prints, it is recommended that the print be left loose in the frame to allow for expansion and contraction which could cause the laminate to lift at the pressure points. This is why our 3mm board are all 1/8 inch smaller than the size printed.

Mounting on 12mm Custom Wood

Please order via SOOS. Photos and descriptions coming soon.

Mounting on 5mm Foam Core

Please order via SOOS. Photos and descriptions coming soon.

Mounting on 20mm Foam Core

Please order via SOOS. Photos and descriptions coming soon.

Your prints can then be protected with a lustre or gloss laminate. The laminate helps reduce UV light reaching the image and also protects it from dust etc.