Removable wall art AKA PeelEzy


High quality prints on a fabric paper that you can stick to almost any surface without damaging it or leaving any residue – Just think of the possibilities!

PeelEzy produces a photo-quality image which means it is suitable for promoting products also. Being water resistant, PeelEzy can be used for short term advertising outdoors, sides of vehicles, windows, walls etc. It is great for signs and point of sale items as it can be attached to irregular surfaces, around columns and on ceilings.

PeelEzy is also perfect for kids’ bedroom walls as it can be cut into any shape. We have also printed them for stickers, posters and window displays. Your options are limitless!

(As with any product containing adhesive,PeelEzy should be tested on an inconspicuous area before applying.)

Peeleazy Pricing:
Size – Inches Size – cm Qty 1-5 Qty 6-10 Qty 11+
Peeleazy Print (4x) 8×12 (4x) 20.3×30.2 $30.00 $25.00 $20.45
Peeleazy Print 11×17 27.9×43 $14.50 $12.50 $11.50
Peeleazy Print 17×25 43×63.5 $29.50 $25.50 $19.50
Peeleazy Print 24×36 60.9×91.4 $59.00 $49.00 $39.00
Peeleazy Print 36×54 91.4×137 $129.00 $109.00 $87.50
Peeleazy Print 17 x Longer than 25 43 x Longer than 63.5 $29.50 plus
$25.50 plus
$19.50 plus
Peeleazy Print 36 x Longer than 36 91.4 x Longer than 137 $129.00 plus
$109.00 plus
$87.50 plus


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