Photo covered boxes


Your clients will love these hand crafted photos boxes…

They are designed to incorporate your client’s favourite image on the front while providing safe storage for the prints inside. They can hold hundreds of straight prints or up to 15 prints in our slip-in mounts, which again make for a fantastic display piece. Your image printed on Kodak’s Professional Metallic paper and finished with our sandtex laminate to preserve and protect the box. This is then hand wrapped around our handmade boxes giving you a perfect, beautiful container to present your digital photo prints.

There are two styles to choose from, the stylish Image Print Box (removable lid) and the beautiful Image Preview Box (a folder like box with flip/folding lid). Both are available in a range of sizes and depths. You can also choose different design layouts and add text in at the time of ordering.

Let your imagination run wild! We are finding customers are not just using them for storing photos, more and more they are using our boxes to keep jewellery and other knick-knacks.

Photo Box Pricing:


Album Box Lid Item Price
9 Inch Album Box Lid $50.00
12 Inch Album Box Lid $50.00
Image Preview Box Item Depth Price
5×5 Inch Deep (holds 700) $65.00
4×6 Inch Shallow (holds 150) $55.00
4×6 Inch STD (holds 300) $55.00
4×6 Inch Deep (holds 700) $69.00
4×6 Inch Double (holds 1500) $75.00
5×7 Inch Shallow (holds 150) $55.00
8×10 Inch Shallow (holds 150) $99.00
10×15 Inch Shallow (holds 150) $135.00
11×14 Inch Shallow (holds 150) $135.00
Image Preview Box
*Includes 15 Frame Mounts
Item Depth Price
8×10 Inch Box for 5×7 Inch $115.00
11×14 Inch Box for 7×10 Inch $149.00
11×14 Inch Box for 8×10 Inch $149.00
11×14 Inch Box for 8×12 Inch $149.00
Image Print Boxes
(Photo Covered Lid)
Item Depth Price
4×6 Inch Holds 100+ prints $28.00
5×7.5 Inch Holds 100+ prints $35.00
8×10 Inch Holds 100+ prints $35.00
8×12 Inch Holds 100+ prints $38.00


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