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Passport Photos_1Streets Imaging offers SOOS (online ordering) templates for producing passport photos which comply with the requirements of most major countries. All you need to do is drag your headshot in and line it up with the guides in the template (these guides will not end up on your prints). Streets Imaging’s passport photos printing services use Kodak Professional Endura Premier (true photo) Gloss paper (as required). They are printed on a sheet with up to 6 photos depending on the country’s size requirements.

Streets Imaging also has the facility to take your passport photo. Your passport photo will be taken using a DSLR. This means we can also provide you with a digital copy of your passport photo. If you would like your passport photo taken at Street’s, come and see us anytime – that’s right no booking required!

Different countries have different requirements for visa and passport photos. It is important that these requirements are met otherwise your passport photos will be rejected. Take note of the background, head size, head position and lighting. All passports require flat lighting with no shadows on the background and no flash or other flare in glasses. (The easiest way to minimise flash flare with glasses is to get the subject to wear frames without lenses.)

Passport Face ImageFollowing are links for a number of countries. If the country is not listed click here.

Every effort is made to ensure these details are up to date. Please check the requirement on your passport application to ensure your photos comply. If there is a change, please advise us.


SOOS Template guides.

  • The guidelines etc seen on the templates are not printed on the final product and are to help you ensure the position of the head complies with requirements. Only one image will appear on the template but multiples are supplied as indicated in the template name.
  • Note – Australia has a separate guide for infants.


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