Custom Framing


Choose from hundreds of frame mouldings and order all of them online.

Order Custom Framing online - Photographer: Billie Wood Photography

Photographer: Billie Wood Photography

Save time and money and order your framing with your print. Save freight costs between your printer and your framer. Save time driving back forth between your printer and your framer. And if the print is damaged during framing we pay for the reprinting, not you. Take advantage of our drop shipping service; submit your order with your frame and your print and move on – job done!.

Our online ordering software (SOOS) allows you to choose to have your print laminated or behind premium or basic, non-reflective acrylic. We recommend at least laminating your image and do not recommend (or offer) glass for safety, postage and reflective reasons.

A neat option we have added is pseudo matting where the matting area is on the print. It is easy to set in the SOOS and you can quickly choose a colour from your image itself using the eye-dropper tool. This is much cheaper and gives a similar feel to real matting. For how to order see below.

If you are selling or planning to sell framed prints talk to us about display frame corners for your studio. This allows you to show your clients easily how good their image can look and ensure they get the colour and finish they want. Not to mention get you a higher average sale.


How to order online

Ordering is really easy if you have printed through us before. Browse through the gallery at the bottom of this page and note the Moulding Code of your chosen frame. The images are named by their Moulding Code. In the SOOS (Streets Online Ordering Software) choose the Moulding Group and then type the Moulding Code in the field below it. The first letter of the Moulding Code is the Moulding Group.

If you haven’t ordered with us before here is a quick 9 step guide

  1. If you haven’t already download our online ordering software (SOOS)
  2. Choose the paper you would like your image printed on (Lustre, Metallic, Gloss or Fine Art Paper)
  3. On the left choose the size you would like your image printed
  4. Drag your image into the template
  5. Decide if you would like psuedo matting (a white or coloured margin around your image). If you would select how much from the “Matting” option on the right.
  6. Decide if you would like to add a background image to this matting. If you would, check the tick box under “Add background image” on the right. You can now drag an image in to the background area.
  7. Select the Group your moulding belongs to and type the moulding code into the field below this. This is the first letter in the moulding code. The images of our mouldings are named by their moulding code.
  8. Choose your glazing. The default is no glazing however we strongly recommend at least having your print laminated. If you selected Metallic, Gloss or Fine Art Paper we strongly recommend choosing from the Acrylic options. Both options are colour neutral, UV protective, specialty framing acrylics. The premium option offers better non-refelctive and UV protective qualities.
  9. Add to cart!

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