Canvas Photo Printing


When looking for canvas photo prints there are three things you should be looking for in a canvas producer; Printer, Materials and method.

At Streets Imaging your canvases are printed using the Epson 9900. The 9900 has amazing print quality and produces supreme colour (certified 98% pantone coverage) and gallery quality black and white prints.

All prints are produced with genuine Epson Ultrachrome inks (lasts over 75 years – on genuine Giclee professional edition canvas, which has the whitest and finest woven cotton (lasts over 100 years). Both are archival museum grade.

Finally your photo canvas prints are stretched by hand – not machine! This enables us to do a wide range of canvas effects for you (see canvas photo prints options below). It also means our quality control is second to none and any print defects including faults in the canvas itself are picked up before it leaves the lab.

(up to 44 inches wide and as long as you like)

Canvas Widths-01

Stretcher Wraps

Streets Imaging Services have three types of stretcher frames to choose from or you can order as a canvas only print. Examples of each are shown above. Mostly the choice comes down to personal preference although the Exhibition wrap is recommended for canvases larger than 20×30″.


Canvas Options

Canvas options refers to the sides of your canvas. “Image wrapped around to back of canvas” is the standard option and in our software this is the default option. Basically, you have an image and it wraps all the way around the sides and back of canvas. But there are other options that not only look appealing but can help with tightly cropped images.

Mirror Border

A great effect for tightly cropped images. Here we reflect the sides of your image in photoshop to extend the size of the image. The sides (or wrap) of the canvas is now this reflected area. It looks like a standard “Image wrapped around to to back of canvas” and in most cases you can’t even tell we have mirrored the edges but we have not cropped anything important by wrapping it around the sides.

Coloured Border

Again we are extending the size of the image so nothing important wraps around but the new, extended area can be any colour of our choosing. In fact in the SOOS you can use the “Eyedropper” tool and select a colour from your image for the canvas sides. Pretty neat and can only be done when a canvas is stretched by hand.

Digital Stretch Border, Digital Stretch Border White fade and Digital Stretch Border Black fade

Just like the options above but with a cool effect. See the examples below. (3 Stretch images)

Caring for your canvas

Treat this product as an expensive work of art, the canvas print is a fragile product. Here is some care and mounting information.

  • This print is made from cotton canvas coated with an emulsion to take the dyes which make up the image. It is then coated after printing with a protective coating (UV protectant also) which will provide limited protection from abrasions, liquids and so on.
  • The emulsion will crack if the canvas is bent over a sharp edge eg stretcher frame. If you are not using Street’s stretcher services, ensure that your framer uses stretcher frames with rounded edges with a diameter of at least 12mm and does not stretch the canvas too tight. (Atmospheric conditions will cause the canvas to expand and contract and if the canvas is too tight the canvas may crack. There should be at least 10mm “give” in the centre of a 16×20″ canvas print.)
  • The very nature of a natural product such as cotton canvas means that there will be imperfections in the surface of the canvas caused by the variations in the cotton threads that make up the canvas. This is normal and a feature of cotton canvas. These variations mean that the surface of the print is extremely fragile and may be damaged if placed face down on a surface or wiped without extreme care. Note also that the edges of the print are also susceptible to damage.
  • When printing photos on canvas Streets recommend that you advise your client on the treatment, handling and care of these images.

For other options such as block mounting & large format printing, contact the lab.

Canvas Pricing:
Face Size – Inches Face Size – cm
Canvas Only Standard
Canvas 8×12 20×30 $22.00 $51.00 $56.00 $58.00
Canvas 12×18 30×45 $36.00 $75.00 $82.50 $85.00
Canvas 13×20 33×50 $47.00 $85.00 $93.50 $96.00
Canvas 16×20 40×50 $55.00 $95.00 $104.50 $107.00
Canvas 16×24 40×60 $65.00 $110.00 $121.00 $125.00
Canvas 20×24 50×60 $78.00 $130.00 $143.00 $147.00
Canvas 20×30 50×76 $90.00 $150.00 $165.00 $169.00
Canvas 30×40 76×101 $165.00 $198.00 $218.00 $223.00
Canvas 32×48 81×122 $205.00 $230.00 $253.00 $259.00
Canvas 40×50 101×127 $255.00 $275.00 $303.00 $309.00
Canvas 40×60 101×152 $315.00 $350.00 $385.00 $395.00
Panoramic Sizes
Face Size – Inches
Face Size – cm
Canvas Only Standard
Canvas 20″ x longer than
50cm x longer
than 76cm
$90.00 +
$150.00 +
$165.00 +
$169.00 +
Canvas 32″ x longer than
81cm x longer than
$205.00 +
$230.00 +
$253.00 +
$259.00 +
Canvas 40″ x longer than
101cm x longer than
$315.00 +
$350.00 +
$385.00 +
$395.00 +
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