Traditional Groups


Class Photo

We can build your Traditional Group Photos for you!

Outsourcing the building of your groups to Streets allows you to concentrate on the activities that really add value to your business. It is grunt work and we have the systems to do it for you at an affordable price.

Generally, traditional group prints are designed with a border around the image and the names of those in the image to be displayed within the bottom of the border. However in the modern age where the rules canĀ be bent or broken you have far more freedom and creativity in their design. Talk to us about your designs and all theĀ options available.

Streets can develop new templates for you or adapt your current ones. You can choose from our standard template designs that can be adapted to suit your requirements (Eg. changes to the border colour to match the your team or school’s uniform colours).

Once your templates are chosen and ready all you need to do is supply Streets Imaging with an image and a Word document of the names on disk. We will do the rest.

For more information on our services such as school photos & large canvas prints, contact the lab.