School Photography


At Streets Imaging we have a department specialising in school photos printing. We understand how important it is to receive consistent and professional school photography printing services. For this reason we have built a speedy and eagle eyed production team powered by Kodak’s own lab management software.

Talk to us about how we can halve the time you spend processing, ordering and packing your school photo prints.

Package Printing

Preparing files for the lab and then packing your prints for delivery will be easier and quicker than you ever thought possible. If you are just starting out, packages provide you with multiple, numbered, extremely inexpensive, quality prints. You can choose from a variety of packages we have developed OR we can recreate your current packages. We will even share ways to make your current packages more profitable and more efficient.

Packages can be specifically designed for you, combining artwork, text, logos etc. and also variable data such as student name, class and so on. Almost anything is possible! Packages are available in almost any combination from print sizes of wallets up to 12×18″ (30x45cm) or larger, as single prints or multiple images on a single sheet of paper (dependent on the combination ordered). Simply contact the lab with your photo printing questions and we can help you with ideas that will increase your sales.