Composites and Featured Portrait Composites



Composite VarietiesTaking the hard work out of Composite Images…

If you are new to composites Streets Imaging will help you get your head around what is involved and how to get started. If you already do composites Streets can save you a huge amount of time at very little cost. You can choose from our standard composite and featured composite layouts or we can recreate ones you currently use.

So what is a Composite group? A composite is a modern alternative to a traditional group photo, where individual photos (usually, but not always, head shots) are laid out on a print with the subjects’ names underneath their photo. A featured composite is the same only the student who has purchased the product features larger than all the others. And then there other options such as the inclusion of staff, traditional group photos, custom backgrounds, colours, logos and so on.

Sound complicated? With our powerful lab software the hard work is taken care of. Talk to us and see how easy starting or switching to Streets is.

For any other questions on our services such as large canvas prints & digital photo printing, talk to us and we’ll answer all your questions.