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MyProPhoto is a service for your clients to order the images you provided them digitally through a professional lab. We can supply you with various promo materials to inform your clients and even encourage them to print through MPP. We also recommend putting a link on your website with instructions. From there here is the basic process:

1. You supply your Client with MPP promo materials with your digital files.

2. You inform your Client your MPP account number that is unique to your business. This will be on the MPP materials but you need to emphasize the importance of them using it.

3. Your client downloads the MPP version of our ordering software and enters your account number. They can then select from simplified list of our products that have a more consumer focus.

4. When your Client uses the account number, MPP will pay you a commission of the gross sales of products and services which are produced by MPP (excluding any amounts applied to postage, packaging, shipping and/or freight). This commission includes GST.

5. Your Client’s order will be processed by Streets Imaging with the same care and professional colour management process as your own work and within our normal timelines.

6. Your client will receive paperwork (receipts) with MPP branding (Not Streets Imaging)

• The commission will be based on all purchases by the Client regardless of whether the images have been produced by you or from another source so long as your Client uses the MPP account number you supplied them.

• Any commission due, will be paid within 5 working days of the end of the month.

• You agree that neither you, nor MPP has any control over whether your Client uses the account number given by you. The Client may use an account number supplied by another party or the default account number.

• In this instance where your supplied MPP account number is not used, no commission will be paid to you on products and services supplied.

• You agree to add links to DVD’s, USB’s, emails and other devices that supply files to the client. These links will direct Clients to the MPP website and /or online facility.

• You agree to provide low level troubleshooting for the ordering software and agree to forward on details of issues if you are unable to resolve them.

• Prices for products and services supplied by MPP will be set by MPP at MPP’s discretion. Also the selection of products and services supplied by MPP will be set by MPP at MPP’s discretion.

Once we receive the details below we will contact you for payment. The cost to sign up for MyProPhoto is $49.00 inc. GST. We will also ask you to send us a high res background image for the home screen of the MyProPhoto software as well as a copy of your logo (preferably a .png with transparency).

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