What is MyProPhoto?

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We’ve noticed a gap in the market – the replacement of minilabs with large chain stores that offer substandard prints. There is also the well established trend of the digital image – often not being printed at all. Research shows that consumers do want to print more and they want quality prints!

So we created MyProPhoto to fill this gap but also provide a service to photographers.

MyProPhoto is the retail version of Streets Imaging. All orders go through the exact same professional workflow. It is only the price that differs. Pricing is in line with the large chain stores, which is considerably higher than what you are accustomed to paying as a professional. This allows us to pay you a commission for these sales!

You can take a look at the website here


Why should you use it?


Some clients have been wary of sending their clients to their pro lab but felt uncomfortable about sending them to second rate printers like officeworks etc. With MyProPhoto you can feel safe knowing your images will be printed as you intended them. When your clients show their family friends they are showing beautiful, vibrant prints that will last as long as the professional paper allows them (100-200 years).

And one of the best part is… You will also be compensated. All sales that go through with your account number will earn you a commission on the order total and that’s for every order your client puts through – even if they order their holiday snaps or phone camera pics.  So you have a financial incentive as well as a quality incentive.


How it works


When you sell digital files you would include a promotion slip for MyProPhoto and strongly recommend it as the best printer to use for your digital images. The promotion slip has your account number, easy instructions and even a promo code for a discount on first orders. All your clients need to do is download the software, put in your account code and start ordering.

They have access to a simplified version of our product range. We have taken out products that don’t make sense to offer them, renamed some products, removed some warnings and so on.

All paperwork and communication comes from MyProPhoto. Turnaround times are roughly the same and orders are not available for pickup. The materials and workflow used are all the same!

Orders are reconciled at the start of the next month and commissions are paid within a few days of this.


Customize it and make it yours!


We can build a custom front end for you in the MyProPhoto software. You just need to supply us with a logo and a background image.

You can host the download file on your website or provide a link to the MyProPhoto website. We will supply you with customized printed promo slips to go with your packs or email templates for digital cmmunications.

We can modify the products available in the software and add special templates unique to your business.

This is just the beginning! Call us now and find out how far we can go to adapt MyProPhoto to you!

How do I sign up?


Please call us on (07) 3255 1130 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have or…