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Kodak Professional Endura Lustre

Lustre is our default paper type and for good reason, its surface is slightly textured – an excellent stock for prints that will be handled.

All of our true photographic prints are created using the silver halide process on Kodak Professional Endura professional photo printing papers.  So not only are our true photographic prints fast and inexpensive but they are one of the longest-lasting, durable and highest quality photographic prints you can buy.

All of our printers are carefully monitored for their quality and colour output. By default – none of the images we print are colour corrected in the lab to ensure you are getting the most accurate reproduction of your images. Colour correction is available if selected during the ordering process which will ensure each of your prints are adjusted individually by our in house colour experts!

Finishing options for this paper type:

Or make it ready to hang:

Image size: Please send us the highest resolution file you have for printing. If you do choose to size your files, please size to the exact print size at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. We do not recommend artificially scaling up your file to add extra pixels that we’re not in the original image as this will bypass any warning in the software that your image resolution is too small for the size you have selected.

File types: We accept JPEG – 8 bit with Baseline Standard Compression & TIFF – 8 bit, no layers, no alpha channel, no image compression and interleaved pixel order. No other file types are accepted.

Colour profile:  Please supply your images in sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998) colour profiles. We do not accept CMYK or any other profile.

File naming: File names can be up to 20 characters and no more. Stick to alphanumeric characters only. When numbering files try to use a prefix of zeros so the images stay in order when imported (eg. 005, 012, 156).

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