Our history and future


Streets Imaging Pty Ltd was established in 1975 as Townsend Colortech (QLD) Pty Ltd by Will Street and Max Townsend. With a background in science and head for systems Will grew an extremely successful business that became the benchmark for lab automation and quality practices. The acquisition of Selwyn Studios by Will in the 1980s gave him a testing ground, enabling him to find out what works in the wedding and portrait industry and pass that along to make our clients even more successful.

By 2009 traditional film had almost completely died out. Old analogue equipment, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars became worthless overnight and was more or less taken to the tip. The work of 30 people was now able to be done by a handful. Digital also brought about many advantages and benefits among them was much lower operating costs resulting in much cheaper prints. Do you remember paying more than $5 for an 8×10?

All the services of the lab had grown into the digital environment with Australia’s only lab to have an in-house online gallery service.

It is in this environment that School Photographer Doug Raisin purchased the company. With fresh enthusiasm and ideas, our rebranding and revitalising began. The goal was simple to regain our title as Australia’s best Wedding and Portrait lab and earn the title of Australia’s best School and events lab. We are well on our way, with exciting product and service additions and new relationships formed all the time. While so many complain about the state of the industry we at Streets Imaging Services are excited to see what the future brings. Watch this space!